What is a Cloud PABX?

A Cloud PABX is a business phone system delivered as a hosted service.  It replaces the conventional business telephone equipment such as an onsite Telkom PABX or IP PBX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) and TMS (telephone management system) which are connected to analogue or digital lines that enable the placing and receiving of phone calls. Cloud PABX telephone systems have revolutionised the way businesses manage their voice communications, improving functionality, reducing costs and streamlining workflow. 

Simplifying the Essential Business Phone System

Cloud PABX clients no longer require physical PABX servers as a result they reduce their IT personnel and maintenance budgets immediately as they are no longer dependent on IT support for ongoing maintenance to support their growing communication requirements. Since all the heavy lifting is done, 99% of support is done remotely.

Secure in the Cloud

Our systems are secured by the 256bit SSL encryption, firewalls, pattern recognition, hard credit limits, virtual private networks and hidden SIP configuration details. The systems are consistently monitored, patched and updated to remain at the forefront of security. It is almost impossible to achieve the same level of security when managing your onsite PABX system. To do so would come at huge setup and significant ongoing costs to keep the system updated and secure.

Internet Infrastructure

Cloud PABXs’ utilise internet infrastructure and as such, are easily deployable in all areas with Internet infrastructure. Since you are making use of Internet infrastructure, voice calls cost significantly less than traditional analogue calls.

Smart Software

Wozacom’s Cloud PABX system is hosted in secure data environment; when you use our cloud platform, you can be assured that you are always using the latest system, no updates needed. In addition, our cloud-based server provides an API interface to integrate with other cloud services, such as Sales Force CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other complementary platforms enabling a single central reporting and management interface.

Crystal Clear

We use dedicated network routing to ensure crystal clear call quality. In addition, we are also connected to the largest VoIP networks in the country.


With our Cloud PABX, you can transfer calls between multiple offices and your inter-branch calls are free. When you work from home you, you can still access and utilise the business phone system. As long as you have your computer or mobile device and a decent internet connection, it is a virtual office at no additional costs to the business.

Command Centre

Today, our online portal (TMS) is your Command Centre! Our cloud telephone communications service offers detailed cost control and real time reporting which are two excellent reasons to use such a system. Since you only pay for the services or applications you use, you have a more cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environment.